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Welcome to My Octopress Blog

Dear friends, some time ago I made a decision to switching my blogging toolkit again, you can read more on the my new blog. And I’ll keep this blog as is for historical purposes 🙂

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Displaying git and mercurial info in zsh prompt

Lately I was(and I still) spending more time with Mercurial and being missing a little bits in my Zsh prompt, but google rescued me quickly 🙂 All creds to Steve Losh who seems contributed great amount of time explaining his extravagant Zsh prompt which can handle both Git and Mercurial statuses seamlessly and nicely, see his explanatory screenshot: Read more of this post

XAMPP for Aegir

Here I’ll try to cover preliminary adjustments necessary to make XAMPP more friendly environment for Aegir.

I prefer XAMPP for development purposes because it can be used on demand, delivering common LAMP features out of box and makes it easy to establish similar environment on different distributions and/or even OS’es. Read more of this post

Welcome to This is my fir…

Welcome to This is my first post here. Previously I’ve blogged at which I’ll keep intact forever, hopefully 😉